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"Umbrella" -finding shelter from the clear sky-

ilight. It is defined by a magical uncertainty. It is the end of the beginning. It is the beginning of the end. "A casual question." Now, its role becomes paramount. "What if a sudden rain......" There is no expectation. There is no promise. I grasp "the clearness" in my hand. I say to my self, "Let's go and find the place where I am." The group is interested in the ways that the New York theater world views Japanese theater and its performance. HIU-Shudan's goal is for each actor to 'self-produce' without feeling constrained by American theatrical conventions, and without trying to 'fit in' to Western Culture or pretend to be what they are not. Members of HIU-Shudan actively avoid relying on the typical image that Westerners hold of Japanese traditional theater. Instead, they use their bodies and souls to go deeper, to reach for 'raw' theater that does not rely on showy action and dialogue, and in the process overcome cultural differences and language barriers. The key word is "life-size portrayals". Returning back to "self-realization" and the definition of "communication", we aim to embody the real "self-expression". Under the guidance of three new actors, it is the fourth challenge of HIU-Shudan in an intriguing conceptual collaboratio

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