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Welcome to Winsomeland

Fits & Starts and Minum Productions present Welcome to Winsomeland, a hilarious and poignant one-woman performance by Winsome Brown, at the Tamarind Theatre in Hollywood, starting Monday January 14th, 2002, and running for 6 weeks on Monday nights (closing February 18th).

In Welcome to Winsomeland, nine oddballs grapple with the elemental human conditions of loneliness, mortality, and the sneaking suspicion that they are extraordinarily ugly. Fifi the dart-playing Frenchman delivers a primer on juggling four girlfriends; Minnie the Australian love counselor hopes to get married; Helen wonders aloud whether other people also put shampoo in their "bits"; and Ruth the Dublin street urchin sneaks a kiss from a Protestant classmate. Often hilarious, at times poignant and even chilling, these eccentrics from wildly diverse backgrounds find commonality in their need to be loved.

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