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Who's On First?

ho's On First?, a rapid-fire farce under the direction of veteran valley director Mary Wright. Gina Mack plays Alice, the hapless wife. Her insanely jealous husband, Ben, is played by Steve Fisher. The inept magician (and Alice's would-be lover), Ben, is played by Howard Glenn-Rawley. Louise Ross plays the unfortunate hostess, Camille. The role of the rubber chicken is played by well-known local actor, Rob R. Chikkin. Take a husband, wife, lover and friend, add a strange lamp, a gun and a rubber chicken plus a party that begins at 8 p.m., then again at 8 p.m.and then again at 8 p.m., and you have this nightmare comedy. Four people find themselves reliving the minutes of a dinner party gone horribly wrong--over-and-over as themselves, as Japanese, as British aristocrats, as hillbillies, and almost anything else you can think of. Camille is giving the party. Don shows up in a jealous funk about his wife, Alice, whom he suspects of seeing another man. When Alice and Ben arrive, it turns out their relationship is innocent. But by the time Don realizes this he has already shot Ben, Alice and even Camille. While dying, Camille inadvertently rubs the lamp and wishes that things could have turned out differently. Voila! All concerned find themselves back at the party's beginning, time and time again, doomed to re-live that same fateful hour until they get it right. Is it all a dream? Or is their dilemma part of someone's fiendish plan? And why does the chicken get all the good lines? A labyrinth of hilarity exits to a shocker of an endin

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