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Yuriko's PAGODA --Everything about Yuriko

riko's PAGODA --Everything about Yuriko-- A one-hour "Musical Comedy Show" is brought to you by an independent actress in the New York show business, Yuriko Hoshina. We invite you to her magical world of Broadway musical numbers and witty comedy. After a successful first performance in July, we are now happy to announce the Re-Run of her show!!! I, "Myself" was just an "Ordinary Girl" in Japan. First, an "Asian", Then a "Japanese". This is who "Myself" is now in America. Somehow, "Myself" 's changed from the "Pure Japanese" who I was. ...So, who really am "I"? -- She was slightly chubby, a little bit slow, and most of all naive, who unexpectedly came to New York all by herself. Encountering surprises and discoveries everyday, she meets the unknown part of herself. As she struggles among aggressive Americans, she eventually transforms into a beautiful, strong woman . This is her tale of searching for that "Lovely Me".

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