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Standing Ovation

Amy Adams Identifies With Holly Hunter's Spirit

Amy Adams Identifies With Holly Hunter's Spirit
Photo Source: Getty Images

Performer: Holly Hunter

From: "Raising Arizona"

“I liked that [Holly Hunter] was a spunky little girl. When I first saw her in ‘Miss Firecracker,’ I really identified with that spirit. And when I saw her do ‘The Piano,’ I was just floored. That was someone I looked at a lot as sort of a role model. She was beautiful without focusing on her beauty. I loved people like Michelle Pfeiffer and Kim Basinger growing up, but I knew I wasn’t like that. It’s so natural to their being to be sexy. So the fast-talking, spunky little girl really appealed to me.”

Amy Adams is onscreen in “Trouble With the Curve” and “The Master.”

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