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Standing Ovation

James Marsden on Dustin Hoffman in 'Straw Dogs'

James Marsden on Dustin Hoffman in 'Straw Dogs'
Photo Source: Getty Images

James Marsden shares why Dustin Hoffman in "Straw Dogs" is one of his favorite performances.

“Sam Peckinpah always said that David [Dustin Hoffman] was the heavy in this world. He comes in condescending to everyone and hits the hornets’ nest. And the miracle of Hoffman’s performance is that by the end of the film, you’re rooting for him. When you have a perfect performance like Hoffman’s, it would be easy to fall in and do what he did. I had to remember I was not there to just re-create that.”

James Marsden starred in a remake of “Straw Dogs” and can be seen in “Robot & Frank” and “Bachelorette.”


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