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Standing Ovation

John Stamos on James Earl Jones in 'Fences'

John Stamos on James Earl Jones in 'Fences'
Photo Source: Getty Images

Performer: James Earl Jones
From: “Fences”

“The one that blew me away, and it never left my mind, was James Earl Jones in ‘Fences.’ One of my biggest challenges as an actor is to not look in that man’s big beautiful blue eyes [during ‘Gore Vidal’s The Best Man’ on Broadway] and think about ‘Fences’ or half the other stuff he’s done in his life.

‘Fences’ was the first and only time before this that I saw him. I was pretty young. I just remember that standing out as one of those great goose-bump moments in the theater.”

John Stamos is an Emmy-nominated actor who appeared alongside Jones in “Gore Vidal’s The Best Man.”

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