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Aviom A360 Is a Portable, Programmable Mixer for Any Venue

Aviom A360 Is a Portable, Programmable Mixer for Any Venue

What It Is
Aviom A360 Personal Mixer
What It Does

Provides 17 customizable channels of audio mixing.
Where to Buy It

What It Costs


Whatever kind of show you’re putting on, and wherever you’re holding it, you’re going to want it to sound good. But how can you be sure that anyone who’s come to see you—whether people who can potentially give you another job at some point, or just good-old-fashioned members of the audience—will also be able to hear you the way you want them to? By bringing your own mixer. And the new Aviom A360 Personal Mixer is one you may want to consider.

Just so there’s no misunderstanding: The A360 may be easily portable, but it’s no toy. For starters, it’s expensive—it will run you about $800. But that sky-high price comes packaged with plenty of options and capabilities you’ll be glad to have at your disposal, whether you’re performing in a club, a theater, or laying down tracks in a studio.

At the top of the list is an advanced 36-channel mix engine, which supports 16 standard stereo or mono mix channels, a dual-profile channel that can function as either stereo or mono, and stereo or mono ambience. You can customize the channel selection and layout, and for each of the standard channels you have full control over volume, reverb, and tone, as well as a Stereo Placement option for controlling the width of a stereo channel’s image independently of its placement in the stereo field. In addition, there are master controls for treble, bass, and enhance (for boosting sonic presence, particularly when using in-ear monitors or headphones).

Once you’ve devised your perfect set-up, you can use four instant mix recalls to bring it up at any time, plus there are 16 standard presets for the most common settings you may want to use. You can even transfer profiles onto a USB key so you can take them anywhere (or share your mixer with someone else who needs different settings). As for output, you can easily connect a powered wedge or subwoofer using the XLR Mono Mix out control. There are, of course, traditional quarter- and eighth-inch stereo outputs as well.

Because all of the mixing features are immediately available without forcing you to navigate menus or do a lot of complex programming, you can adjust and customize your mixes within seconds—even in the middle of a performance. It doesn’t get much more personal than that, and personal mixers don’t get much more convenient or robustly equipped than the A360.

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