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Gneo Helps You Prioritize Your Schedule

Gneo Helps You Prioritize Your Schedule

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Helps you organize your tasks based on importance and urgency.
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Thanks to computers, smartphones, and tablets, we have more ways than ever to keep ourselves organized—so why is it still so hard to get things done on time? If you believe the creators of Gneo, it’s not that we have trouble pinning down all the things we need to do, it’s that we don’t prioritize them properly. And changing that aspect of how we think about our lives is what the app is all about.

Gneo (pronounced, its website tells us, “NEE-oh”) lets you create tasks and arrange them based on whether they’re important or not, and whether they’re urgent or not. The Work Canvas view lets you see all of them as plotted out on a quadrant display, so you can tell at a glance what you should spend your time on. Or fire up the Forecast tool to fuse your calendar and your to-do list and determine when you’ll have time between your appointments to actually accomplish new things.

Designed to be simple and intuitive to use, Gneo incorporates basic gestures that let you manipulate tasks in just seconds, with only a minimum of thought required. Get a closer view of a task by swiping slightly to the left, and edit a task by swiping all the way in that direction. A partial swipe to the right, on the other hand, lets you postpone a task for three days, whereas a full one deletes the task altogether. With notebooks and filters it’s easy to group together tasks and find them at a moment’s notice. And integration with Evernote means you can sync with that app’s tags, reminders, and notes and files.

If you’re interested in micromanaging every little item on your calendar, Gneo might not be for you. Editing preexisting tasks isn’t quite as straightforward as it seems like it should be. You can’t select specific calendars—the app just pulls from all the ones you have on your device, and there’s no automatic way to set up recurring appointments the way you can in traditional calendaring software. Gneo really is more concerned with helping you put things in the right order than it is creating them in the first place.

For that reason, Gneo isn’t for everyone—and the $4.99 price might also be a bit steep for what is, at its heart, rather limited functionality. But if your life is more about trying to figure out how to do lots of things in the few scraps of time you have at your disposal than it is just being at the right place the right time, you might well find it worth a download.

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