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Turn Your iPad into a Recording Studio with iTrack Solo

Turn Your iPad into a Recording Studio with iTrack Solo
Photo Source: Focusrite

What It Is
iTrack Solo

What It Does
Audio interface for iPad, Mac, and PC

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What It Costs

Whether it’s to promote your acting work or that band you have on the side, being able to simultaneously record from multiple audience sources and have it all sound good is a big plus. And being able to do it from anywhere is better still. Computers have become sufficiently powerful that even a modest laptop can serve as a recording studio, but you might not always want to drag around the extra bulk. Unfortunately, tablets, ideal because of their thin profile and easy touch interface, haven’t been a realistic possibility—until now.

Pro audio manufacturer Focusrite has developed a new product called the iTrack Solo that provides you with a two-channel interface you can use right with your iPad, and create demos and other recordings pretty much anywhere, even if you don’t have your primary computer around.

Focusrite has included on the iTrack Solo a top-quality microphone preamp designed to reduce as much distortion and noise as possible. (It’s the same one used in the company’s Liquid Saffire 56 interface.) Thanks to Focusrite’s use of phantom power, you can plug in pretty much any microphone, even a high-end studio model. The second output, a quarter-inch jack ideal for guitar or bass, also offers excellent digital conversion. The interface is compatible with Apple’s own GarageBand, a nice convenience given how handy that software is, and can record up to 24-bit (96kHz) audio. The outputs have a dynamic range of over 105dB, giving you top fidelity with the finished product.

The iTrack Solo uses many of the same technologies and design elements as Focusrite’s other products, including “halo” indicators around the knobs that change color to indicate whether the sound level is good or whether it’s too high. One knob controls the output level, and you can listen to your recording signal against your backing track without having to go through your music software (and endure the latency it introduces).

A rugged unibody aluminum chassis should make it possible for you to take the iTrack Solo pretty much anywhere. And because the device isn’t restricted to the iPad, you can also use it with your main Mac or PC, giving you lots of recording options regardless of where you are and what computer you have at hand.

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