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    How to Be a Video Game Voiceover Artist

    Casting director Jen Rudin speaks with voiceover actor Darin De Paul about his eclectic, busy voiceover career, and gets advice from him regarding how to voice everything from creatures to trolls to a "Star Wars" character!

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    How to Avoid This Big Voiceover Mistake

    Casting director and Backstage Expert Kate McClanaghan sees too many voiceover artists making the same costly mistake—are you guilty of it, too?

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    8 Pointers on Building a Homemade Voiceover Studio

    Voice artist-actors Nick Flint and Nicole Wood have taken the voiceover industry into their own hands by constructing personalized recording studios, which enables them to turn talent into business.

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    7 Apps to Make Over Your Voiceover

    If you’re a VO actor on a budget or on the go, fear not! Success is at your fingertips. We’ve rounded up seven apps to edit and record clips, get tips from the pros, and have some fun along the way.