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    Your Guide to a Perfect Self-Tape

    From proper etiquette to necessary equipment, check out the Backstage Guide to crafting the perfect self-tape audition

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    How to Find an Acting Class in NYC

    New York is a big city with a ton to offer, and acting classes here are no different. If you don’t come prepared, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options, so the key is to come up with a game plan and stay focused. Luckily, we’re ...

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    How to Avoid a Casting Scam

    The life of an actor is hard enough without having to worry about getting ripped off, but it’s an unfortunate reality of any business. Here are some tips—from your fellow actors—on how to protect yourself.

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    How to Become an Actor in the U.K.

    For anyone in the U.K. dreaming of becoming an actor, this is all the information you need!

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    How to Become a Model

    Want to become a model? We've crafted an in-depth guide on how to break into all types of modeling: fashion modeling, runway modeling, commercial modeling, fitness modeling—even hand modeling!

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    How to Get Cast in a Commercial

    From getting your first headshots done to what to look out for in your first commercial acting contract, check out the Backstage guide to getting cast in a commercial!

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    What Social Media Does an Actor Need?

    Backstage Experts, casting directors, and other industry professionals weigh in on what social media platforms actors should be on and how they should conduct themselves to further their career in our latest Backstage Guide.

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    How to Become an Actor

    Want to become an actor? You’re in the right place! Here’s everything you need to know about how to start your acting career and to find success in Hollywood and beyond.

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    How to Make a Living as an Actor

    Making a living as an actor means balancing work, life and passion—a tricky subject for anyone who has encountered it. While most working actors need to sacrifice and struggle, the journey can also be incredibly fulfilling. Read on for the official Backstage guide to making a living as an ...

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    What Are Special Skills + Which Ones Should an Actor Have?

    There is a secret weapon you can use to your advantage that, every so often, may be the very push you need to get seen, book the gig, or land an agent: special skills. Here are the special skills you should have—and how to get them!