Find Talent: Casting Director/Employer Help

 How to Post a Casting Notice 

To post a casting notice, click on "Post a Job" in the right corner of the top navigation on 

If you do not have a account, you will see a form to register and create an account.

Next you will be prompted to fill out your casting notice:

Section 1 Production Details 

1) The first couple of fields will establish the basics of your production. First type in the Production Title, then select the Production Type (Film, Theater, etc.) from a dropdown menu.

2) Enter the name of the Production Company and Name and Job Title of the Project's Casting Director and/orther other Personnel (e.g., the director and producer, etc.). The system will automatically fill in your information here if you've already entered these details in your Account. However, you can edit these fields to use different names, to match up with the details of your current project.

3) Fill in the Rehearsal and Production Dates and Locations. 

4) Select whether you are seeking Union or Nonunion Talent (or Both Union & Nonunion). Will you be Paying Talent or do you already have a specific Union Contract planned?  If so, write in the details in the Union Contracts and Compensation box.

5) Add a Production Description. Make the description brief but evocative. Give the readers a quick sense of this project. (e.g., A logline, brief plot description, or other overview of what your project is about.)

6) Use the Script Sides & Media "Add an Asset" box to include script sides and story treatments, more detailed descriptions about your project, and upload Photos related to your project or embed a Video of your previous work.

7) Finally, include on what date you want your casting notice to Expire

Section 2 Audition Details

First, indicate whether you are scheduling an Audition, or if you only want to receive Submissions.

--- Scheduling an Audition

a) Enter the Audition Location and the Audition Time. Indicate whether they are Open Calls or By Appointment. 

b) You can include multiple times and locations. For instance, you may have auditions at Ripley-Grier on August 23rd from 10-12 noon and from 2-4 pm. Enter the location information first, including the Venue Name and Address.

c) Select the Date, then enter the Start and End Time for the first block. If you have a break in between, select the date again, then choose the start and end times for the latter period.

d) If you are also having auditions at an additional location on another date, please click on Add Another Location option. 

e) In the next area, please add any Special Instructions for auditioners. Note: Do not include script sides here. Include sides in the "Add an Asset" box for the overall project or while adding individual Roles.

f) Check the Email fields to make sure that the email address you see is the one you want to use for receiving submissions from applicants for this casting notice. You can change or remove the email addresses here if needed, and choose whether or not you'd like your email address to appear in Backstage's magazine and how frequently you'd like to be notified of online submissions.


-- Submissions Only

a) Indicate from which state and city you would like to receive submissions. You can select more than one city. Or click on the "Nationwide/Worldwide" box to receive submissions from everywhere.

b) A text field allows you to communicate any special submission instructions and more info about your company that you'd like applicants to view before they submit (such as your website address, mailing address).

c) Check the Email fields to make sure that the email address you see is the one you want to use for receiving submissions from applicants for this casting notice. You can change or remove the email addresses here if needed, and choose whether or not you'd like your email address to appear in Backstage's magazine and how frequently you'd like to be notified of online submissions.

Section 3 — Role Descriptions

Each Role has a number of questions you can answer:

1) Give each Role a Character Name or Job Title. (e.g., "Robin Hood" if you're casting for the role of Robin Hood; or "Stage Manager" if you're hiring for a Stage Manager job.)

2) Select the type of role: Lead, Supporting, Chorus, etc.

3) If required, select the Gender and Age Range of the role, and all applicable ethnicities.

4) Indicate what materials are required to apply to your project: Headshot, Video Reel, and/or Audio Reel. 

5) Describe the character. Actors will be using this description to decide whether to audition.

6) If you need to include script sides, add it here either by copying the text into the "Add Additional Text" box, or add a Script Sides PDF as an attachment. You can also upload Photos or embed a Video, if needed. Click on the plus sign next to the appropriate link. Make sure you include a title or caption that explains the text, images or video. To add more, click on the plus sign again.

7) If you want to add another Role, click on the red "Add a Role" button at the bottom. Otherwise, click on the gray "Checkout" button to proceed.

Section 4 — Checkout

Note that there is a basic posting-fee required to post a casting/job notice. After that, you can select the Upgrade enhancement options that you want to include, such as having your casting notice appear in the print edition magazine of Backstage, or including your lsiting in additional Job Categories.

Once you make your choices, proceed to the credit card Payment area to finish your purchase. A text field allows you to apply a Promotional Code for special discount offers.

Important: Make sure you select that you read and agree to Backstage's Terms and Conditions.

If you made any last-minute changes, please click on the gray "Update" button to view the updated total. Otherwise, click on Confirm Order to continue to the last page.

Section 5 — Confirmation

On this last page, you can review your casting notice order. All the specifics of the casting notice should appear here. Read it over, and click on Submit Order to complete the process.

The order details will also be emailed to you as a receipt.


What Is Instant Access for Your Casting Notice?

When you first post a notice, the information will appear immediately under our Instant Access banner. Instant Access signals to our readers that the information has not yet been reviewed by our editors.

Backstage's Casting Editors edit and review every post to add clarity and consistent formatting to all of the casting notices, as well as correcting errors and removing scams and innappropriate material. This approval process can take one to three business days. Once we complete the vetting process, the Instant Access banner will disappear and your casting notice's status will change from "Pending Approval" to "Approved." If Backstage needs any additional info from you in order to complete the approval process, a Casting Editor will contact you.

How to Manage Your Submissions

On the confirmation page is a link to your My Posted Jobs page where you can review the submissions you receive.

At the top are two dropdowns. To the left is a list of your projects, so you can scroll through and review the submissions for each project separately.

Next is a list of the roles for each project. Next to the name is a number in parentheses, which indicates how many submissions that particular roles has received.

As you bounce between projects and roles, the header on the top of the page will change. In red will be the project title, and in larger letters will be the role name. 

To the right side of the page are a number of filters with which you can narrow down the submissions to weed out only the ones you want. You can then mark the submissions accordingly. Simply click on the star in the upper left corner of each profile to save it.

You'll notice that you can sort your responses in three ways. First is a list of all the submissions you have received. NThe next tab holds the responses you want to save. The third are submissions that you want to discard. 

When you are ready to contact an applicant, simply hover the mouse over their photo and a Contact link will appear. Click on the mail icon, and a pop-up window will allow you to email the actor. You can even include information about the role, and BCC yourself. 


How to Search the Talent Database

The Talent Database allows you to sort through the Backstage performer database, search for, and find performers for your roles. To view the Talent Database, click the "Find Talent" link at the very top of the page Backstage Casting. 

By using the sort filters, you can narrow the choices down by gender, age range, union status, location and so forth. Like above, you can save the Actor Profiles that appeal to you.


You can save Actor Profiles you're interested in by clicking the star symbol at the top right of their profile photo in the Talent Search page.