John Swanbeck

John Swanbeck is an author, columnist, speaker, creator, and publisher of CleverActorTips and Chief Creative Officer of BlueSwanFilms. He is a renowned director and teacher of actors, directed the existential comedy “The Big Kahuna” starring Kevin Spacey and Danny DeVito, and has packaged his best original techniques into the much-acclaimed book, “How To Steal The Scene & End Up Playing The Lead,” available on Amazon & iTunes.

He recently launched the YouTube channel Get Cinematic with John Swanbeck where he gives insights, inspirations, and techniques for creating unforgettable film performances. John also runs The Actor’s Arsenal, which is part working set and part class and where actors become film artists. Limited to 10 actors, everyone works two or three times each class and can walk away with their footage. For reservations, information, and audits email: For more on John, to read a sample technique from the book, or to interact with John via social media visit