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Kelly Chambers

Kelly is a multi-hyphenate who writes about herself as much as possible in the third person. Fascinated by human nature, psychology and relationships, both acting and astrology have offered opportunities to grow these natural curiosities, and she is thrilled to collect these passions in writing a monthly horoscope for the readers of Backstage.

Since she was eight-years-old, Kelly has been tuning into the “music of the spheres,” fascinated with the idea that planets flung into the far reaches of the Milky Way galaxy could somehow make an impact on her third grade dating life. When her mom gifted her a professional astrology reading her junior year of high school, she learned there was so much more to this ancient discipline than predicting good days for asking someone to the Sadie Hawkins dance or drawing a bath and listening to Enya (although great for that, too).

After reading “The Inner Sky” by evolutionary astrologer Steven Forrest during a post-college European pub crawl, she learned the transformational power of understanding the role of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in one’s birth chart. She emailed the author her compliments and soon enrolled in his Apprenticeship Program which expanded her astrological knowledge, studying everything from natal chart interpretation to synastry (comparing two charts for compatibility) to planetary transits and progressions. Her fascination grew into a deep reverence for the complexity of human nature, and she now uses astrology and the tarot as a tool to help others connect with themselves and see their journey in a larger, more purposeful context. It's also a lot of fun!

She is the author of the comedic novel “Imagine. A Love Story” and co-creator/co-star of the web series “Break Hollywood.” You can follow her on IG @astrodaughter for regular cosmic updates or connect for personal readings and events through her website: