Gift Subscription Terms & Conditions

Backstage LLC (“we” or “us”) offers gift subscriptions for sale. In order to buy and use a Backstage gift subscription, you must agree to and follow these terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”). If you have any questions or comments about the Terms and Conditions, please visit our customer service web page at

Please note that Backstage gift subscriptions, which constitute a pre-paid 1 year membership subscription to Backstage Magazine and the online site and services, can be purchased online only at and redeemed online only at

Please also note that Backstage gift subscriptions are available for new subscribers only.

Backstage will electronically deliver a subscription code to any e-mail address you provide, which can be used to redeem the Backstage gift subscription. The redeemer of a gift subscription (“Redeemer”) may access the Backstage service after creating a Backstage account. Please note that the use of the Backstage account and the services is governed by our Terms of Use available at For information about our policies and practices regarding the collection and use of the customer information, please read Backstage’s Privacy Policy available at

A Redeemer who creates a Backstage account will receive a credit for a one-year subscription effective as of the day of redemption, and will thereafter receive copies of Backstage Magazine and have access to the services for the duration of the subscription. The Redeemer’s access to the Backstage service will thereafter be terminated unless the Redeemer provides a credit card or other payment method accepted by Backstage (a “Payment Method”). If provided, Redeemer’s Payment Method will be charged at then-current rates (plus applicable sales taxes and fees) for continued receipt of Backstage Magazine and access to the services, as applicable.

Once a gift subscription is redeemed, the Redeemer may not transfer or assign the subscription to another person.

Backstage gift subscriptions may not be used to extend an existing Backstage subscription. If the Redeemer has an active subscription, redemption of the gift subscription will result in the creation of a separate user account which may not be combined with another account.

If a gift subscription is not redeemed within 90 days, Backstage will automatically redeem the subscription for the original recipient and create a new user account for that recipient using the recipient information provided by the purchaser.

Backstage gift subscriptions are not refundable or redeemable for cash, either prior or subsequent to redemption, unless otherwise required by applicable law. Backstage gift subscriptions may not be exchanged or used to offset any amount owed to Backstage.

Backstage is not responsible for hardware issues related to your device's access to, so please check with the applicable device maker for compatibility.

Backstage gift subscriptions do not expire, so please keep your gift subscription and subscription code in a safe location as we are not responsible for lost or stolen gift subscriptions or subscription codes.

Backstage reserves the right to amend, modify or waive the Terms and Conditions from time to time in its sole discretion.