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  • Interview

    'Lovely' and Amazing

    Earlier this year, two-time Golden Globe and Emmy winner Stanley Tucci made audiences sigh and wonder where they could find a doting, supportive husband like Julia Child's mate Paul.

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    A World of 'Hurt'

    Jeremy Renner's virtuoso performance in 'The Hurt Locker' has already earned him Spirit Award and Gotham Award nominations and a Hollywood Breakthrough Award for best actor.

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    Valentin's Day

    Who better to play Tolstoy's naively idealistic secretary Valentin than James McAvoy, in one of the most delicate, detailed, heart-rending performances in his notably brilliant career.

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    A Soldier's Story

    Some roles are hard to shake. Ben Foster ("3:10 to Yuma," "Alpha Dog," "Six Feet Under") found this out the hard way on a recent promotional tour for his new film "The Messenger."

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    In the Moment

    From the beginning, Viggo Mortensen was the only choice of director John Hillcoat ("The Proposition") to play the role  in "The Road."

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    Gentle Giant

    Colin Firth has been showing up around Los Angeles dressed in a stylish suit, white shirt, and tie. Why not? He's speaking about his role in "A Single Man."

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    Mining 'Fine'

    As an Englishman, Kirk Jones believes he had advantages—as well as many challenges—in writing and directing a film centering on the lives of an American blue-collar family.

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    Sarah Hyland: A Back Stage Exclusive

    "I've always been very outspoken," says Sarah Hyland. From a family of actors, the 19-year-old currently stars as 15-year-old Haley Dunphy in ABC's smash-hit comedy "Modern Family."

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    Foley Artist

    Dave Foley jokes that the secret to the Kids in the Hall's longevity is that its members find one another more funny than annoying.

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    Surer Footing

    Anna Kendrick left her "Up in the Air" audition convinced of one thing and one thing only: It didn't go well.