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  • Interview

    'Serious' People

    Cast members from 'A Serious Man' on winning their parts and those evasive Coen brothers

  • Interview

    The Glass Half-Full

    British native Emma J. Purvèy is thankful her American-based talent agency sponsored her O-1 visa to work here. "I want to act in film, and there are so many more film opportunities here."

  • Interview

    Iconic Class

    Christian McKay has been teased about his uncanny resemblance to Orson Welles, a comparison he did not like. He wanted to be compared to Richard Burton.

  • Interview

    The Wright Track

    When Robin Wright broke onto the scene in 1987 as the luminous, romantic Buttercup in "The Princess Bride," some in the industry thought she was going to be a huge star.

  • Interview

    Saycon Sengbloh Takes the Stairs

    Sengbloh co-stars in "Fela!" the concert-style musical that opens on Broadway Nov. 23 and tells the story of Nigerian musician and activist Fela Kuti.

  • Interview

    Right Out of the Gate

    Recently graduated from the University of Southern California's theater program, Troian Bellisario is debuting this week at one of Los Angeles' preeminent midsize theaters, the Geffen Playhouse.

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    Hitting His Stride Before '2012'

    Most actors consider themselves lucky to be in one blockbuster. Chin Han will soon have two under his belt.

  • Interview

    Going Rogue With Werner Herzog

    Werner Herzog is the kind of daring director who shoots his documentaries like narrative films and his narrative films like documentaries.

  • Interview

    The Discerning Doctor

    "To stand naked on the stage is an outward manifestation of what we do in the best performances," asserts Michael Cerveris.

  • Interview

    Prime Time

    Back Stage recently sat down with four actors who have carved indelible characters on television: some over the course of several seasons, some in just a handful of episodes.