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  • Interview

    Bloody Good

    With "Zombieland," Ruben Fleischer has not just made one of the funniest and goriest films all year but has also drawn terrific performances out of his quartet of leads.

  • Interview

    Dawn Olivieri: A Back Stage Exclusive

    "I think being ostracized a lot, being the outcast and odd kid, you learn to be by yourself and cultivate yourself," says Dawn Olivieri. And cultivate she has.

  • Interview

    Mind Frames

    Unassuming yet instantly glamorous, Robin Tunney moves seamlessly between film and TV, studio and independent, lead and supporting.

  • Interview

    From 'Hell'

    To his detractors, Tucker Max is nothing more than a hatemonger. To his fans, Max is a hero, a guy who says what they all wish they could and who lives a whirlwind life of willful debauchery.

  • Interview

    Coming 'Home'

    Devin Ratray says playing Buzz, the bullying elder brother in the "Home Alone" movies, continues to define him as an actor, despite his many subsequent TV and film credits.

  • Interview

    Being a 'Bright Star'

    Abbie Cornish does not find anything alien in the kind of lifelong love Fanny Brawne felt for romantic poet John Keats. "Love is still the ultimate thing," Cornish says.

  • Interview

    Remember Their Names

    Kevin Tancharoen wasn't alive when "Fame" came out. But the 25-year-old already had an extensive background in dance, music, and videos when he was approached to direct.

  • Interview

    VIDEO: Kevin Zegers of '50 Dead Men Walking'

    Actor Kevin Zegers sat down with Back Stage's Jenelle Riley to discuss his new film, "50 Dead Men Walking" with Sir Ben Kingsley.

  • Interview

    Amber Stevens: A Back Stage Exclusive

    "I wanted to make everyone more involved in school and create memories for everyone," says former student council president and graduate of the Beverly Hills High School, Amber Stevens.

  • Interview

    The American Nightmare

    At the center "August: Osage County" is the battle between pill-popping matriarch Violet and her eldest daughter, Barbara, played on tour by Estelle Parsons and Shannon Cochran.