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    Sense and Sensibility

    You may recognize Laura Linney's name or face. She has, after all, played significant roles in such popular films as Primal Fear, Absolute Power, and The Truman Show.

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    Behind the Mask

    It's been a typical fractured rehearsal day for John Vickery, who plays Scar, the villain of The Lion King, directed by Julie Taymor. He settled somewhat wearily into a seat at the Pantages Theatre, now being painstakingly restored by Disney for its stage production of the most successful movie ...

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    Serving His Material

    Back Stage West recently caught up with the New York-based Steve Buscemi while he was visiting Los Angeles to promote his second feature directorial effort, Animal Factory, based on the novel by reformed felon and ex-convict Edward Bunker, who co-produced the film and adapted the screenplay with Buscemi. Animal Factory ...