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    Going for the Gold

    Jeremy Piven knows agents, as anyone who has seen his ferocious, take-no-prisoners, Emmy-nominated performance on HBO's Entourage can attest. Piven embodies the fast-talking, Viagra-swilling überagent Ari Gold with an accuracy that is frequently frightening and consistently entertaining. It's also a persona most actors are probably all too familiar ...

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    Paul Provenza still remembers the first time he

    Paul Provenza still remembers the first time he heard the joke. "I was about 18 or 19. I had just started doing standup and was hanging at the Improv in New York," says the actor-comedian, with a fond smile. "I was huddled around a table with a bunch of people ...

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    Diane Lane is not entirely at ease being a movie

    Diane Lane is not entirely at ease being a movie star. A versatile, under-the-radar actor, yes—but a celebrity? She's still working on that. "I'm trying to get comfortable with the idea of expectation, I'm trying to get comfortable with the idea of some form of accountability ...

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    A Star is Reborn

    Growing up in the small town of Ottumwa, Iowa, Tom Arnold dreamed of becoming an actor. There was just one problem. "There was no way to get there," Arnold says simply. "No one had ever done it, and if you talked about it, people thought you were crazy." Arnold's ...

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    Missi Pyle: On a Quest

    We dare you to find a contemporary comedic presence as fearless, distinctive, and lacking in vanity as Missi Pyle. Sure, other actors might be able to play menacing, monobrowed dodgeball champions or slightly demented rich-bitch Tae Bo addicts, but Pyle doesn't merely play these roles; she inhabits them with ...

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    Eye of the Storm

    Terrence Howard is in Los Angeles for only a handful of days, having come from a movie set in Canada and preparing to head to Memphis, Tenn., for an MTV promotion for his new film, Hustle & Flow. He is overbooked to the point of absurdity; when he mentions an additional appointment scheduled for this evening, even his publicist ...

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    Easy Does It

    According to Owen Wilson, there are two types of actors. "There are people who can just sort of act natural or find things within themselves that they can play," Wilson explains in his Texas drawl. "And then there are actors. Those are the kind that can really transform themselves, like ...

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    PROFILE A Nose for Talent

    For Nora Ephron, bringing Bewitched to the big screen all began with the nose. When the writer-director famous for her female-friendly romantic comedies (You've Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle) was asked in to help bring the 1960s sitcom back to life, she knew she was adapting the script as ...

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    DIALOGUE It Came From Down Under

    Michael and Peter Spierig have accomplished the (seemingly) impossible. The polite Australian brothers were able to make their expansive and visually stunning zombie feast, Undead, in relative obscurity and without the help of high-end visual effects houses. Instead, using their PC laptops and off-the-shelf software, they crafted their "splattertoon" at ...

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    Joan Allen sort of snuck up on America when it wasn't looking. She may be blessed with a timeless beauty and talent to spare, but it took moviegoers awhile to catch on that she was something special. It started with poignant turns as the understanding spouse in Tucker: The ...