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  • Interview

    Dream Catcher

    In an industry where innovative ideas and originality are rare and elusive, the Versailles, France,–born Michel Gondry is considered a comet, blasting his way through music videos, commercials, and films and setting the bar higher each time for imitators. Many who have gone from directing music videos and commercials ...

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    Shirley Henderson: Scottish Siren

    Shirley Henderson is known as one of Britain's more prolific actors, appearing in films that include Trainspotting, Bridget Jones's Diary, and 24 Hour Party People. Granted her face is still hard to place, but with leading roles in independent films such as IFC Films' Intermission (opening March 19 ...

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    She's No Angel

    Actresses tend to be described in physical terms: dazzling, luscious, flawless. Upon meeting Claudia Shear, currently starring as Mae West in the Pasadena Playhouse production of her play Dirty Blonde, the first adjective that might pop into one's head is "effectual." When our original meeting place, a hotel pub ...

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    Calling the Shots

    From stage to screen, writer/director David Mamet continues to surprise with his innovation and originality.

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    Outside the Box

    Before BSW spoke with Paul Bettany, the charismatic and chameleonic English actor, someone at his management company told us, "Whatever you do, don't ask him about the lesbians and the cockroaches." If ever there was a story that needed to be heard, this surely had to be it. But ...

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    Sundance Discoveries

    The Sundance Film Festival has always been an exciting arena in which to discover new talent. This year was especially promising in terms of actors about whom filmgoers will hopefully hear more in the near future. These include Vera Farmiga, who walked away with this year's Jury Prize for ...

  • Interview

    Chris Noth - Tech and the City

    A great actor must remain chameleonic to assume the different roles that scripts call for. But what if a character becomes iconic, as did the Fonz, Captain Kirk, and Kramer, and audiences won't let him go? The tall, dark, and handsome Chris Noth knows something about moving on—and ...

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    Sound Direction

    Coming from a film-industry family, Los Angeles–born actor/director Rick Sparks apparently has creativity in his blood. From a very young age, he demonstrated his abilities as an impresario, organizing sheet-in-the-barn ventures, à la Mickey and Judy. "My earliest memories," he says, "include corralling kids together to put on ...

  • Interview

    Michael Pitt: Pushing Boundaries

    You wouldn't think it while looking at his delicate, cherubic face, but 22-year-old Michael Pitt knows how to portray troubled, rebellious misfits. Whether playing thieving rock star Tommy Gnosis in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, a murderous teen in Bully and Murder by Numbers, or the vulnerable American tourist ...

  • Interview

    Troy Garity: Magnificent Obsessions

    Troy Garity's stock may be on the rise in Hollywood. He was nominated for a Golden Globe and Independent Spirit Award for his rousing performance in Showtime's unflinching film Soldier's Girl, a tragic love story based on the 1999 murder of Pfc. Barry Winchell by a fellow ...