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Megan Hilty Auditioned for Sean Hayes; Plus More From the Issue!

Megan Hilty Auditioned for Sean Hayes; Plus More From the Issue!
Photo Source: Matt Hoyle

Sean Hayes guest stars on the second season of “Smash,” but Megan Hilty first met him at an audition.

“I actually auditioned for Sean because he produces a lot of television shows,” she says. “And I used to have this thing on my résumé, that I can cluck any song like a chicken. It was on my special skills because your professors are like, ‘Just put a bunch of things on there as a conversation starter. It doesn’t matter if you can actually do them.’ And please note that I rolled my eyes! So before I left, he said, ‘Wait a second. What is this singing-chicken thing?’ And he made me sing ‘Popular’ in its entirety as a chicken. Luckily, they laughed! But there have been so many auditions that I wish I could stop just when I know it’s going to be bad and say, ‘You know what? I’m gonna get out of here. I’m not going to waste your time or mine anymore. I’m just going to back away. Let’s just end this and do us both a favor.’ ”

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