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Capathia Jenkins and John Dossett Cherish 'Newsies'

Though they’re not in the newsboy gang, Capathia Jenkins and John Dossett feel like part of the crew.

“The other day we met in the rehearsal, and we looked at each other and thought, ‘Wow, we’ve been around for a while, and we can really sense when something is the real thing,’ ” says Jenkins, who came on board for Broadway. “I haven’t been as excited about a show since I did ‘Gypsy’ with Bernadette Peters,” Dossett says.

The stage veterans, who have appeared in 16 Broadway shows combined, play burlesque theater owner Medda and Jack Kelly’s archnemesis Pulitzer in “Newsies.” Dossett says working with young actors invigorates him as a performer.

“It’s so fun to see their unbridled joy,” he says. “I remember back in ’78, I was always one of the youngest people in the company, and now I’m kind of the old guy. I kind of embrace that and try to set a good example for the kids.”

Do they always follow the example? “I have a strict no-prank policy,” Dossett says. “But I like to roughhouse a little—all in fun.”

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