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Dawn Olivieri: A Back Stage Exclusive

Dawn Olivieri: A Back Stage Exclusive
"I think being ostracized a lot, being the outcast and odd kid, you learn to be by yourself and cultivate yourself," says Dawn Olivieri. And cultivate she has.

In the movie Weird Science, two unpopular males used their computers and some lightning to create a "perfect woman" named Lisa. Decked out in tight jeans, t-shirt, hair flowing, and tattoos all over, Dawn emanates a similar presence, as if she were created by supernatural forces. This otherworldliness helped her land the role of "Lydia" the tattooed superhero in NBC's award-winning drama Heroes.

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In this Back Stage Actor2Watch exclusive, Dawn shares her thoughts on acting and getting roles.

ACTOR2WATCH: What was your first role?

Dawn: Acting like the family pet while playing house with my sister:) ....t hat one didn't pay so well, it was really just for the first role that a W2 was involved: extra on the TV show Second Noah.

A2W: Tell me about the audition process for Heroes.

Dawn: It was actually one of the simplest auditions I have had. It was a very short scene, they did not bring many girls to read for it and we were told to wear a bikini! Lol, I remember thinking to myself, this has got to be a joke. Good thing I went ahead and did it anyway.

A2W: What's the best advice someone has given you?

Dawn:    Wait for the miracle. Its my acting coach that always tells me this. If you put enough hard work and perseverance into one thing, something is bound to come from it.

A2W: What advice would you have for actors starting their careers?

Dawn:  Don't be so concerned with getting your SAG card and getting and agent so you can go on auditions right away. Most likely you will think you are ready and you really are NOT. Build a foundation, find a good school and STUDY. This business takes a good 5-7 years before stuff starts to click. Polish you're product so you have something of quality to present. Have patience and a confidence in yourself that will withstand the test of time.

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