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#IGotCast With Backstage: JAC

#IGotCast With Backstage: JAC
Photo Source: Evelyn Ferreira

When it comes to his career, young actor Jose Antonio Carrera heeds his mother’s advice. “Like mom said, ‘We all start somewhere,’ and Backstage has given me the opportunity to do so,” he says. Carrera, who goes by the stage name JAC, has a similarly can-do perspective about auditioning. “I get nervous all the time, but I go in there and I give my very best. Some have turned me down, but that doesn’t stop me.”

Through Backstage, Carrera has booked 10 projects, ranging from music videos to feature films. No matter what the gig at hand may be, he retains a positive outlook. “Every time is a different feeling, [a] different environment. I make the best of it,” he says. “I make friends and love seeing them in other projects. I connect well with the crew and I always tell them how awesome they are.”

Carrera relies on Backstage to help him find a wealth of diverse roles, which he prioritizes above all else. “[Backstage] is the best resource for my career,” he says. “My first lead role in a project was through Backstage and I am hooked…. I get to play different characters and be someone else. I love the feeling.”

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