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#IGotCast: John Devereaux

#IGotCast: John Devereaux
Photo Source: Stephanie Girard Photography

SAG-AFTRA actor John Devereaux has been cast in the classic musical “Rent.” Devereaux takes on the role of Collins at the California Theatre of the Performing Arts in San Bernardino, Calif., for the second time. “The role is one of my absolute favorites to play onstage because of the character arc and the story he has with Angel,” he says. “Their relationship forms, develops, flourishes, and (tragically) ends all over the course of less than a year—it’s a roller coaster.”

For his audition he sang “Infinite Joy” from “Elegies,” and was cast after the first round of callbacks. For him, working with the production’s director, Andy Ferrara, was a new experience. “He likes to get a number or scene perfect before moving on to something else, rather than putting up a foundation and working the rest later,” he explains. “It’s nice to experience something different!”

The Los Angeles–based actor says Backstage is his “one-stop shop” for advice (he’s a huge fan of Secret Agent Man), articles, and casting notices. “I’m a performer, so whether it’s a musical, a straight play, a film, a TV show, a Web series, a showcase, a cruise line, or a cabaret, if I’m right for it, I want to be a part of it!”

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