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#IGotCast: Jon Knott

#IGotCast: Jon Knott
Photo Source: Evan Cain

Actor Jon Knott seeks to find a sense of normal in the film “The Abnormal Male” with his portrayal of Adam, a compassionate guy coming to terms with the difference between his feelings about women and those of his “sleazy friends” who look at them like a piece of meat. “His struggle throughout the film is trying to overcome his anger for his girlfriend’s lack of commitment. She wants to explore an open relationship and Adam, frankly, isn’t having it.”

For Knott, the audition proved to be the perfect fit. “There was an initial audition and a callback that were at this great little coffee shop off of Diversey [in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood],” he says. “[The] ‘blue room’ was rented out and I did a cold read of the script after meeting with the director and casting agent. I was called back for a second read with an actress playing opposite, and luckily the scene seemed to flow nicely enough that I got the part!”

A loyal reader since his days as a musical theater student, Knott has made Backstage a part of his everyday routine. “I check Backstage daily like I check my email, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Can’t miss an opportunity, right?”

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