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#IGotCast: Whitnee Barrett

#IGotCast: Whitnee Barrett
Photo Source: Nikolai Vanyo

Life’s certainly a scream for actor Whitnee Barrett. In her first feature film, “Scarefest,” she landed the role of Emily, an ex–prom queen out on a Halloween adventure with a group of friends and her boyfriend—and what was supposed to be pretend soon turns into a real-life nightmare. For Barrett, the fear she shows in the film might just be the real deal. “The project will be shot at a real scare park in Philadelphia. I think we’ll even be sleeping in cabins at the actual scare park. I’m telling ya—all acting will come off very genuine, as I will probably be scared shitless the whole time!”

In addition to the feature, Barrett has also been cast in “Wolves,” a “Twin Peaks”–esque music video for the Brooklyn-based band Motive. “I’ll be playing a Donna Hayward–type character who has the hots for the motorcycle bad boy. Very excited about this project because David Lynch is, like, my spirit animal…not to mention this band has some sick tunes that I highly recommend—it’s gonna be a howlin’ good time.”

Here’s to more screams and howls—congrats, Whitnee!

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