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Joining the Wedding Reception

Joining the Wedding Reception
Photo Source: Nina Robinson

“I’m not sick of ‘Bridesmaids!’” Headland says when asked if she’s tired of comparisons of her movie to the Kristin Wiig flick. “I try to come up with new ways to explain to people the difference, because I think that’s part of my job, as the writer and director of the film, to make the clarification. It’s fun, though! I’m like, ‘What am I going to do this time?’ ”

Despite the obvious similarities between titles and loglines (bridesmaids behaving badly before a wedding!), Headland’s film shares almost no DNA with Wiig’s movie. Or, as she puts it, “Comparing my film to ‘Bridesmaids’ is like comparing ‘Fight Club’ to ‘Rocky.’ Yeah, they’re both about fighting, but…”

Still, even though most of the pre-premiere chatter about the film has focused on its similarities to “Bridesmaids,” Headland can’t help but be grateful to the movie’s success. “I guess you could have changed the title, but in a way you would be doing it in reaction to something that’s a good thing, not a bad thing,” she says. “R-rated female comedies are a good thing. And the fact that it’s a movie about the people going to the wedding as opposed to the people getting married, those are good things to be making movies about, as far as I’m concerned. What’s amazing is that we got away with a lot of stuff that we never would have been able to get away with before. I wrote the script four years ago and all the studio heads and all the financiers were like, ‘Semen on the wedding dress, honey? No!’ and now they’re like, ‘Someone? Get me semen on that wedding dress!’ ”

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