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Kelly Stables: A Back Stage Exclusive

Kelly Stables: A Back Stage Exclusive
"I love the show tunes, I love all of them" says Kelly Stables, who plays Melissa on CBS' number one rated comedy Two and a Half Men.

Like a Disney character come to life, Kelly is so cheery and animated that twenty minutes in her presence make you feel like bursting into song. After a storybook childhood in St. Louis where she was active in cheerleading and Jazzmatazz, Kelly followed her dream and moved to Hollywood where her dedication and positivity have led her to the sunny side of the street.

But Kelly also has a dark side that she's explored in the two Ring movies and in her web series Soul Fire Is Rising. How many people can claim to have flown all the way to New York see Legally Blonde the musical on Broadway, as well as attended numerous horror conventions?

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In this BackStage, Actor2Watch, exclusive, Kelly shares her thoughts on acting and getting roles.

ACTOR2WATCH:  What was your first real break as an actor?

KELLY STABLES: It was a movie called Pride and Prejudice that I did in 2003.  I played Lydia.

A2W:  Tell us your best audition story.

KELLY STABLES: Actually, it was for Two and a Half Men.  I was wearing a strapless bra, and I sat up, I breathed out, and I don't know, somehow my rib cage got smaller and my bra fell down around my waste underneath my shirt. And I felt it happen and I had my script in front of me, so I tried to cover up the fact that I had this odd looking thing now around my stomach.  At which point the casting director's trying to talk to me and ask me questions and all I can think of is oh my gosh, is my bra going to fall out underneath my shirt?  So that was interesting.

A2W: What have you learned from being on Two and Half Men?

KELLY STABLES: That its okay to just be yourself.  It sounds silly, but in an upcoming episode I had to be barefoot... (in my undies, too... but I wasn't so much worried about that-everyone wears 'em.)  But right when I was starting to get scared that when "they" saw me barefoot they'd think I was too small, or "wouldn't measure up" so to speak, Chuck Lorre told me that he liked me just the way I was. That comforted me because that is what my parents taught me, and it's not only what I believe about others, but that is what I believe in my heart about myself.  So I guess its more of a lesson that was retaught by Chuck Lorre!

A2W: Do you have any tips for novices or anything you could tell someone who is just starting out in acting?

KELLY STABLES: Follow your passions in life and if you don't have any, find some, even if it's being on a softball team or gardening or volunteering at a thrift store, because if you put your self-worth in your booking ratio, you will be very unhappy.

A2W: You're doomed.

KELLY STABLES: You're doomed.  So that and get a good, reliable car.

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