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Marina Orlova: A Back Stage Exclusive

Marina Orlova: A Back Stage Exclusive
Six years ago, Muscovite Marina Orlova left her snowy homeland and moved to Beverly Hills with a singular mission—to improve the vocabulary of millions of capitalists.  With her vast philological knowledge and ample pulchritude, Marina's managed to make "book learning" fun again, so much fun that you'll gain a new appreciation for glasnost and perestroika.  If you watch her show "HotforWords," now with over two hundred million views on YouTube, you might even learn what they mean. 

Chosen as this week's Girl2Watch, Marina will be featured in a series or articles, fun facts and social media tweets through this weekend for subscribers of

In this Back Stage Actor2Watch exclusive, Marina shares her thoughts on acting and performing online.

Actor2Watch:  What's advice do you have for actors who might want to work online?

Marina Orlova: People online, don't listen to them.  Never pay attention to the negative comments, cause there are plenty of haters out there who will try to put you down.  The more successful you get, the more hate mail you get, the more jealousy you get, so you have to stay positive, and only pay attention to nice, bright, clever comments.

I have a friend, she has a channel too, and she was very good at parodying accents and picking up different accents, English, British, American, different actors, comedians, and she was getting so much hate mail and she stopped.  And I wrote her twice and said "Don't let them get you," but she couldn't handle it.  She's a young girl also, she's eighteen, but it's sad.

A2W: What is the worst thing anyone's said to you?

Marina Orlova:  There are so many comments, you don't even want to know the worst!  How about "Go back to Russia and make me a sandwich!"

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