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Mike DeStefano Laughs at 'Drugs, Disease and Death'

Mike DeStefano Laughs at 'Drugs, Disease and Death'

Substance abuse and AIDs are hilarious, right? Well, no, not usually. But for the past decade, stand-up comedian Mike DeStefano has crafted a career telling jokes about these hardships, and the other painful and tragic parts of life that we're not supposed to laugh at. He's not trying to make life any easier -- just funnier.

DeStefano's new one-man show, "Drugs, Disease, and Death: A Comedy" debuts this week at The Producers' Club in New York City. It is an autobiographical story based on the comedian's life in the Bronx, battling heroin addiction, losing his wife to AIDS, and simply struggling to survive.

"What I’m going to be talking about in 'Drugs, Disease and Death,'" DeStefano reveals, "is death, disease, and drugs." You might call him an expert on the subject. (In one joke, DeStefano explains: "I'm a stand up comic. Before that, I was a drug counselor. Before that, I was a drug addict. Before that? I was 12.")


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