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Spotlight On: Josh Davis in Broadway’s ‘Beautiful’

Spotlight On: Josh Davis in Broadway’s ‘Beautiful’
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Josh Davis has been working steadily for more than a decade now, currently making his Broadway debut in “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical” in which, among small comic roles, he takes center stage to sing the hell out of “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling.”

On being on Broadway for the first time.
“When you go into theater, one of the things you think about is Broadway. And then when it’s actually happening you’re just thinking, This is no different than doing a show at a regional place, it’s just closer to my house and I’ve been rehearsing for months instead of three weeks. It’s a 12-year overnight success! The truth is I'm just very grateful to get the chance to perform on Broadway every night. It's a bucket list dream come true!”

On feeling the magic.
“As actors, we’re like magicians. We make the audience believe something that isn’t really happening. But we don’t get to be the audience and have their experience of emotional trickery; we know how the ‘trick’ is done. But there are moments you do feel that same sense of awe, like you are seeing the magic trick with the audience. That’s been my experience with ‘Beautiful.’ [It’s] been a lot of work, but those moments when you realize what the audience is realizing and feeling have been incredible.”

On refining his performances.
“There’s a part where I sing ‘Be-Bop-A-Lula’ and the script was like, ‘Guy comes out and sings three verses.’ One day I pretended not to know my lyrics, and it got a little chuckle. I would bend over, very closed, and look at my music, but the audience wasn’t getting to see the full movement of him having the realization. I just stood up one night and then went to the music, and it got the laugh. It was a reminder that it’s not always about emotion; there’s a science to it.”

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