1 Way to Make Peace With Audition Rejections According to an Actor

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Photo Source: Silvia Morigi

“Every day, multiple times a day,” is how frequently New York City-based actor Silvia Morigi says she uses Backstage.

Collaborators are as important as the project.
“I always take into consideration the script and how much it speaks to me, and then how I feel about the people I’ll be working with. No matter how brilliant you are, if you’re not a good sport, creativity is going to suffer!”

Leave a lasting impression.
“I have been cast in projects I didn’t even have to audition for because I had [previously] auditioned for the people who were casting and didn’t book that role, but they remembered me and reached out through Backstage—it’s so easy to find talent there!”

Backstage is as unique as you are.
“I love that I can have as much personalized research criteria as I want, so I can view only the notices I’m interested in. Most sites only give you the possibility to save one search and then you have to keep changing the criteria every time.”

Try to learn from every audition.
“I’m in New York; success is a word with many meanings. For me, I get the most out of my life as an actress when I know I’m 100 percent invested in putting myself out there, going for auditions not just to get the job, but to take a risk and learn something more every single time.”

There is more to Backstage than casting notices.
“Explore the website beyond the casting notices! There is so much more than just job listings going on on Backstage. A lot of the material is very insightful and useful for keeping an eye on what’s going on in the industry. [It has] many tools to keep you sharp, up-to-date and marketable, and to help you avoid the traps of the business that are easy to fall into at first.”

Make peace with the capricious nature of the industry.
“A big part of the job of an actor is being able to take the ‘nos.’ They suck, but it’s the nature of the business. Part of our job is the daily search for [gigs] and the sooner you accept it, the sooner the fun begins. Know what you’re selling. I try to always be specific about what I’m going for in an audition setting. There’s no time to show them all of your immense talent, so it’s better to make choices in order to focus both your energy and their attention.”

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