3 Concepts to Keep in Mind When You Feel Like Giving Up

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A passion for acting is one of the most wonderful things you can pursue in this world. I may be a bit biased as I’ve had the privilege of doing it for the last 12 years, but I think we can all agree the pursuit of a career in acting is pretty epic.

But what happens when it doesn’t feel fantastic? When you run into a dry spell? When you just can’t catch a break? Like most humans, you’ll likely begin to doubt yourself, and doubt often leads to wanting to quit.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way. With three dynamic concepts, we can equip ourselves with valuable tools that enable us to transcend all possible obstacles that might deter us. The following notions will keep you keeping on until you’re waking up every day doing what you truly love: acting!

1. Refuse to have a plan B.
I used to make my mom uncontrollably nervous about my career choices, so you can imagine her reaction when I decided I wanted to be a full-time actor. She urged, prodded, demanded, even pleaded that I have the dreaded back-up plan. I even entertained it until one fateful day when I was sitting in an interview for a job I was settling for.  

Halfway through the interview, a thought popped into my mind: “Do you really want to do this?” I heard this so loud and clear it was almost as if someone was sitting next to me, shouting in my face. My entire mood changed. I began to get chest pains. I knew what it meant right away. I wasn’t being true to myself or my heart.  

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This was an amazing lesson that showed me that plan B was never going to be an option. Every time I thought I’d have to do anything other than acting, I strengthened my resolve to stick with acting. Even if it meant doing student films and community theater, I wasn’t going to give up. So I ditched plan B to forever stick with plan A and it’s been the greatest decision of my life.

2. Tune out the “realists.”
One of the interesting things I’ve discovered in the entertainment industry is the high number of realists I’ve met. In professions like doctor, lawyer, or law enforcement, being a realist is perfect as they tend to see what’s right in front of them. But as an actor, it’s important for you to be an optimist as well as what I like to call an “imaginist.”

An imaginist is someone who, within their mind’s eye, can see themselves experiencing all the success and fulfillment they should ever desire. They understand that the only person who can affect your progress is you and your belief in yourself.

As an actor, this type of individual can discourage and even make you think about giving up when things get tough. I urge you to accept the opinion but don’t take the advice. For all you know, you could be one step away from an incredible outcome. Stay positive, eliminate negativity, and imagine all the career success coming your way.

3. Be willing to create your own path.
Nowadays, we read so many stories about actors who have created success by breaking from the norm. With internet media being such a prominent resource and social media, you can create your own path to success. Just because you’re not booking roles or getting the opportunity to audition doesn’t mean you can’t shoot your own films and enter into festivals. The truth is that the path to success and fulfillment as an actor is no longer a straight, conventional road. It has side streets that are paved with opportunity. When you know you have endless creative opportunities, giving up is no longer an option.

Think about what it would be like if you had to give up acting for good. What would that feel like? How would it look if you had to walk away from it completely? Pretty terrible, right? Think about this every time you think you’d about giving up, which is almost always right around the corner from when you’re about to break into a new level of success. I believe in you, so believe in yourself and you will no doubt succeed.

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