8 Podcasts Australian Actors Need to Hear

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Between classes, books, and the internet (Backstage included!), there are seemingly infinite ways to seek out acting advice and find tips to hone your skills. But the surge of new podcasts in the last decade provides yet another platform for learning your craft, and it’s one you can do on the go. Next time you’re stuck in traffic on the way to class or walking between auditions, check out one of these shows that will help you level up. 


Don’t Be So Dramatic

Hosted by Rachel Baker in association with creative resource and development centre The Hub Studio, this podcast takes a whole-rounded approach to career advice via in-depth conversations with industry moguls. Rachel conducts one-on-one interviews with casting directors, choreographers, talent agents, singers, and everything in between. Not only does she focus on practical career advice but mindset is also a motif that’s often emphasised, which can become an incredibly important piece of the industry puzzle. Rachel steers her interviews to provide open and honest tips into making progress in the industry. Best of all, she’s not afraid to have a good laugh in between. This podcast mainly focuses on providing tips and career insights for actors but also explores topics from diverse angles with a whole industry point of view. Don’t Be So Dramatic is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

The Films That Changed My Life

Produced by Australian online publication Film Ink, this podcast features interviews with a range of diverse faces in the industry including film festival directors, producers, actors, and a lot of new and emerging talent. Hosted by Dov Kornits, The Films That Changed My Life has a common thread in discussing just that. We hear industry professionals discuss the films that lead to their passions or changed the way they think about the industry and their approach. These down-to-earth conversations provide fresh spins on “big breaks,” experiences on set, working in difficult locations, and much more—there’s always a story that will help you understand more about working in the industry. Check this one out if you’re an emerging creative looking to get some insights on good first steps. Plus, get a load of great film recommendations while you listen! The Films That Changed My Life is available on the FilmInk website, Soundcloud, and Apple Podcasts.

Lumina (AFTRS)

Lumina is a podcast produced by the reputable Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) which discusses the future of creativity and storytelling amidst the changing landscape of technology and Australia’s economy. This podcast provides episodes highlighting how important creativity is within non-creative industries and monetising creativity. The show emphasizes that creative people can find work within a range of environments, not only within the entertainment industry. What’s most impressive is the production quality of this podcast. Instead of the typical interview style, Lumina uses a solid research approach to piece together clips from a variety of interviewees, pairing these with sound design, historical grabs, and music to suit. Season 1 will give you the tools to tackle storytelling within a technology-driven society, and Season 2 gets you up to speed with the business of storytelling. This is a listen for any creative needing some hard facts about the changing industry. Lumina is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Screen Australia Podcast

As you can imagine, Screen Australia is inundated with questions on a multitude of topics on the hour. If you’ve got a burning question about submitting a pitch, funding applications, writing for TV in Australia, or anything else that’s business-related, check out this resource first. This podcast is the best, fastest, and most informative way to understand some of those commonly asked questions in the industry. Listen to interviews with world-class Australian directors, producers, writers, and other industry professionals as they discuss their careers, latest projects, and industry trends. Also featured are many Screen Australia executives themselves who explain their views on Hollywood casting, how documentary funding works, advice on budgets, pitching tips and tricks, and so much more. This podcast is gold if you’re needing some answers to how it all works. It’s a very valuable resource for any creative to understand what it takes to get a project funded and into production. Screen Australia Podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Belvoir St. Theatre

For all you theatre buffs out there, there’s also a podcast for you! Acclaimed theatre company, Belvoir St Theatre takes us backstage to uncover the brilliant creators and performers behind their productions. This podcast is not led by a host, it’s edited together like a film documentary taking the best grabs from the cast and creatives and piecing together a great narrative. Not only do listeners come to understand what each play is about, but we hear about each integral part of the play’s journey from the original concept, to set design and actors’ interpretations, as well as challenges and how they were overcome. This podcast’s format is super engaging—short, sweet, and beautifully produced. Interviews are seamlessly threaded to educate and entertain. This is a fantastic resource for those looking to work in the theatre and fans alike. Belvoir is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Cinema Australia Podcast

The Cinema Australia Podcast, hosted by Matthew Eeles, provides a range of intimate interviews with Australian directors, writers, producers, and actors focusing on their latest films and projects in the industry.  There’s a real variety of interview subjects available to share knowledge about each film's development and release, including bumps in the road and how they worked past them. A great aspect of this podcast is the way it celebrates many first time filmmakers, which makes the advice highly accessible if you’re just starting out. It also celebrates some truly remarkable Australian productions you may have missed in the cluster of film festivals and events each year. Further, there are some fantastic opinion pieces about Australian cinema and they’re not afraid of honesty! Cinema Australia is available via the Cinema Australia Website.

Australian Screenwriters Podcast

The Australian Screenwriters Podcast focuses on the country’s fantastic screenwriting talent, particularly in building their careers. Host Duncan Richards discusses the working landscape in Australia, opportunities overseas, and working your way up. By interviewing production executives, he uncovers what types of gaps exist in the screenwriting market and how you can tailor your writing to fill what the channels are looking for. Duncan is well versed in this tight-knit community of screenwriters in Australia and internationally. He takes listeners to all the major screenwriting events both in Australia and beyond. Expect to hear practical tips on bringing your concept to life, getting it to a production company, and having it commissioned. Australian Screenwriters Podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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