The Performance That Changed This London Actor’s Life

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Photo Source: Courtesy Joseph Sadipe

Joseph Sadipe took a chance on acting. And thanks to his dedication, that gamble paid off.

Sometimes, a little push is all you need.

“I was in a youth hostel in Central London in the year 2000. I had dropped out of college a year earlier, and a drama group came to the hostel to do forum theater. I was intrigued, and after the performance, I asked one of the actors how he was able to perform in such a small setting and still tell the story. He gave [me] a flyer and said there was a free acting class I could attend. I did, and I never looked back.” 

Expand your professional community with each new job.

“I’ve networked on different sets that I have worked on and stayed in touch with other actors and creative people. I follow up after auditions and maintain a relationship with casting directors. Also, I attend industry events.” 

Your next gig is just around the corner.

“Have your notifications on, check each job every day, and be persistent. You’ll always have jobs available; there’s always something coming in daily. That’s a good thing, it means more possibilities.”

This story originally appeared in the June 1 issue of Backstage Magazine.