How to Avoid Impostor Syndrome, According to This Actor

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Photo Source: Stephanie Girard

Sarah Hamilton has achieved a lot as an actor by pursuing her goals and staying true to who she is.

Understand every aspect of the industry.

“Early on, I spent a lot of time on sets for film, TV, commercials, reality shows, sitcoms, game shows, print ads, etc.—all at different levels (lead, supporting, co-star, guest star, background, audience, crew). This helped me get an in-depth look at the industry and the similarities and differences between each kind of experience. The more you understand each branch of entertainment, the better you become at knowing what speaks to you most.”

Stick to the dream.

“It is all a process, but in terms of success, it’s a matter of when, not if. It can be easy to fall into actor impostor syndrome and wonder if you’re ‘blank’ enough. But if you keep going and enjoy the process along the way, success can and will happen.”

Focus on what’s next.

“Each audition is an opportunity for growth. I determine success by how I feel my performance turned out. After an audition is done and sent, I move on to the next one.”

Student films are a great way to start your reel.

“When I first moved to L.A., I was a film and television production student at Loyola Marymount University, so I would act in a lot of student films and scenes that helped start my reel. I was already in the production classes assigning the films, so my friends would cast me for their projects and vice versa. Over time, I got booked on a lot of projects outside of school, too, and that helped grow my reel as well. I also love working on original projects of my own and have even helped actors with their reel scenes.”

Nothing beats finding genuine connections.

“Living creatively is a lifestyle, and the best way to go about staying connected and having natural growth with your career is by collaborating, making friends, keeping up with those friends, and focusing on not only what is best for yourself, but how you can help others.”

This story originally appeared in the Oct. 13 issue of Backstage Magazine.

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