Why This Performer Says It’s OK to Take Breaks From Auditioning

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Photo Source: Courtesy Shae Reynolds

For Shae Reynolds, being a professional dancer requires dedication and mindfulness.

Seek inspiration through the arts.

“I grew up as a competition dancer and fell in love with performing. When I was about 13, I saw my first Broadway show, ‘Chicago,’ and was immediately hooked. I applied to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC, got accepted, and continued my dance training while immersing myself in singing and acting.” 

Never stop working toward your goals.

“I keep up my training by taking dance classes and voice lessons, stretching, working out, and making sure I am keeping my body and mind in shape. Plus, I love to journal before and after an audition.” 

Know when to take a breather.

“I am learning that I can take breaks from auditioning, and it does not reflect on how talented or successful I am as a performer. Taking breaks is necessary for both physical and mental health. If I am feeling burnt out, I no longer force myself to film or audition, because there will be plenty of other opportunities that could be a good fit for me.”

Find ways to showcase all your talents.

“I put my reel together at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. I knew I wanted to highlight different elements of my competition training in my reel. I tried to incorporate a few of the many different styles of dance that I have trained in: jazz, theater dance, pointe, and tap. I also wanted to show off a few tumbling skills. I used choreography from Nic Thompson [at AMDA] and a few dance teachers I trained with at Liza Indiciani Studio of Dance: Aliss Hartley, Jenrett Doucett, and Liza Indiciani MacFarlane.”

This story originally appeared in the Nov. 3 issue of Backstage Magazine.