Actor and Coach Bob Fraser Dies

Television producer, writer, director, actor, and teacher Bob Fraser died Tuesday in Los Angeles after battling cancer. Fraser's workshops, books, and DVD series, titled "An Actor Works," have been used by thousands of actors worldwide.

Fraser was a New York stage actor who eventually owned four theaters with his wife of 42 years, Bev. In 1976 they moved to Los Angeles, where for six years he was the showrunner on the series "Benson," for which he also directed, wrote, and played the character Sen. Leonard Tyler. Fraser later created and starred in the series "Marblehead Manor" for NBC. Other series he wrote for include "The Love Boat," "Full House," "Harry and the Hendersons," "Condo," and "Hard Knocks."

After he retired from television, Fraser began teaching. In addition to his books, DVDs, and workshops, he authored a popular free newsletter for actors titled "Show Biz How-To" as well as The Show Biz Blog.

Recently, Fraser's family and friends set up a Give Forward account to raise money to help with his battle against melanoma, which had spread to his organs and bones. More than 65 people contributed, raising over $11,000. Several contributors were actors whose lives Fraser touched. On the site, many people commented anonymously on how Fraser's career advice inspired and encouraged them.

Fraser is survived by his wife and three children.