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This Actor Increased Her Backstage Use + Booked a Leading Role in a Film

Photo Source: Olan Montgomery

Marissa Ghavami recently stepped up her Backstage use and has seen instantaneous results—including booking the leading role in short films “Prophecy” and “Mirror.”

This was a dream role.
“I was cast as the female lead, Lucile, in this short film, ‘Prophecy.’ The film is loosely based on the arc of ‘Macbeth,’ and so Lucile is a type of modern-day Lady Macbeth. I’m fascinated by the psychology behind a character like this. I wanted to dive into Lucile, and found it especially intriguing in the medium of film.”

She wants to tell vital stories.
“What matters most to me is the story that’s being told. I make it a priority to be involved in projects that wake the audience up to some vital part of the human experience.”

The more you use Backstage, the more you get.
“I submit myself to projects via Backstage every weekday. I’ve used it off and on for years, but over the past couple of months I’ve started submitting extremely regularly and have definitely seen the payoff.”

Self-care is everything for New York City actors.
“I live in NYC, which, needless to say, is a very competitive market. However, I try not to focus on that and just focus on my craft, my business, and my relationships. I thrive on routine because it helps me create healthy and productive habits. I also have a self-care routine that, for me, is integral to sustaining a career in this business.”

Working between genres is encouraged.
“I look for roles I feel I’m a good fit for, of course, and that interest me. They could be in theater, musical theater, film, or television, and in virtually any genre. I enjoy switching between mediums and being challenged by different genres.”

Make sure your Backstage profile represents your best self.
“I would encourage [those new to Backstage] to have several recent photos showing different looks, as well as strong clips on their profile, and to make sure their résumé and website are in top shape and updated frequently. I would tell them not to be afraid to write a little note to the casting director if they feel especially drawn to the project, as well.”

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