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This Actor Has Been Using Backstage to Book Gigs for a Decade

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Cassandra Seidenfeld has been a faithful Backstage user for a decade—and has the credits to prove it, including an affecting recent role in the film “A Day in the Life.”

Projects only have to affect one person.
“[My character] is a Filipino immigrant nanny who loses her job while working for a super wealthy family. She represents so many unheard voices and situations that exist. If this amazing film’s message changes or improves anyone’s life—just a single person—it will be successful.”

Believe in yourself and the business.
“I live in New York City and I can humbly share that in order to find success in anything, one has to remain determined, always be prepared, [and] work hard for what you love to do. Believe in yourself [and] particularly in the magical, wonderful world of acting.”

Backstage has industry cachet.
“I keep coming back to Backstage for audition notices because they are credible, professional, reliable, straightforward, and the industry respects it when you reference Backstage as a source.”

No project is too small.
“The advice that I have for actors who are new to Backstage is [to] stay up-to-date on your résumé, headshot, and profile information; check submissions several times a day; and don’t discount a project that seems like a small one. Any project is an opportunity that may lead to something very rare and wonderful, not only in itself, but beyond.”

Backstage is an industry relationship-builder.
“I have built relationships with casting directors, directors, fellow actors, and producers through the Backstage community. Sometimes, when a project doesn’t pan out that I submit to, a peer or colleague will remember my submission and consider me for a future project. This happened on Victor Sosa’s ‘Lust.’ He called me two years in a row from my Backstage initial audition.”

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