How Actors Can Benefit From Therapy

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When working in a business as insecure as acting, it can often be difficult to remain a secure person. It's incredibly important to be of good, sound body and mind, and to maintain mental and physical health. Keep your mind clear, healthy, and balanced. I believe in positive energies. I think going through life with a positive attitude promotes positive work.

We all have times, however, when it’s a struggle to maintain a good attitude and a healthy outlook. There are times when even friends can't help you fix what’s bothering you, and acting class is not the place to work out your troubles.

If you’re having problems in a relationship, at work, or just having difficulties adjusting to your new life in the city, consider going to therapy. Many people try to work out their problems in their minds, but there is something to be said for talking out loud about your issues and hear them reflected back to you from a mental health professional.

A therapist can help you identify problematic behavior patterns and help you to figure out why you do what you do, help you to cope and/or make necessary changes in your life to move forward, maintain your balance, and to help you deal with new challenges. This will only enhance your life and your career.

Some people believe that therapy is only for weak or "sick" people. This is untrue. In fact, it shows inner strength to ask for help. As for the cost, many therapists have a sliding scale to accommodate clients with limited resources, and most insurance plans offer some mental health coverage. If you need therapy and can truly benefit from it, find a way to afford it. Some people can't afford to not have therapy!

Remember: If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Therapy can help you change that cycle, and can truly enhance and enrich your life.

Robert Curtiss, a former psychotherapist, works at Essay Management with personal manager John Essay, whom he helped to create