Why Actors Should Join Twitter

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Social networking has become an important marketing tool for actors in recent years. If you are taking the time to read Back Stage, then chances are- you are serious about your career. Allow me to offer up a solid piece of advice: JOIN TWITTER.

Why, you may ask? Simply put, Twitter allows you to have direct contact with Casting Directors, Agents, Producers, Actors, Directors, etc. No other online community provides this invaluable connection. I know, I know…another social media site? I was the first person to say, "Ugh! I will never join Twitter!" I mean, what the hell can I possibly say in just 140 characters? And why does everyone have a @ and a # in their tweets? What does it all mean?! I gave up before I even knew I wanted to start.

What ultimately made me bite the bullet and join was my good friend @tweetenglish. He works in the Online Media field and assured me that Twitter is a great tool for one's career. He would share information on the Twitter network, people would retweet it and he would even have conversations with people he admired in his field. People whose careers he emulated and respected. "As an actress, it would be hugely beneficially for you to join. Imagine, you could have an online conversation with your idols? That's what I'm doing."