Is it Time I Hired a Publicist?

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When should I hire a publicist?
To get straight to the point, when is it time to hire a public relations representative? Whether you are a beginner in the entertainment industry or have been around for some time and need a career boosting opportunity, how do you know when it’s the right moment? Negative press can only elevate a professional career so far before a spin doctor must be brought in to wield their magical forces of good and help someone in need of a major turn around. —StewartMarshall

Favorite voice teachers and vocal warm-ups on YouTube?
Who are everyone’s favorite voice teachers on YouTube? Or what are your favorite warmups you’ve found on YouTube? Also, who are people who you think are harmful/don’t know what they’re talking about?” —Singingmama

What motivates you now? What I’ve learned: 
I’m in my mid-40s now. Back in my 20s, acting was a dream. I didn’t care about finances and practicality. I was wrong. I should’ve seen acting as a business that I can make a living off of. This is what I’ve learned now that’s I’ve been living in Los Angeles for nine years. I previously lived in New Jersey close to NYC. I feel like I’m part of the community. I see stars as just being successful in the acting business. Acting is art but the industry is a business, a money-making machine that requires the skill of an actor, not an artist. 

“Now, I’ll never say no to an audition. I enjoy acting and the industry. It’s challenging and fun as hell. And meeting new people is great.” —RW10

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