Can You Help Settle This Agency Dispute?

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Family/sibling bookings with different agents?
My kids are represented by two different agencies. Our family was submitted (by one agent) and booked a nonunion commercial and I have a question regarding commission. The job paid a session and usage fee plus 20%. Each child’s agent received payment for their client, however the booking agent (agent who submitted us) is stating that they should have received commission on both kids and the +20% for everyone, even though the other child is represented by a different agency. The other agency disagrees and states they are only entitled to the commission on their own client. Who is right in this particular situation?” —stagemom

Brand new here:
Hello, my son says he is interested in acting so I found this website. I see some jobs he can apply for. When it asks for a video reel, what does that mean? The audition provides a script so does he read his lines he is auditioning for and we submit that, or is it something else? He doesn’t have any credits yet so he doesn’t have anything showing professional work.” —BH620

Should I be paying production for a showreel?
Hey folks, 

“I hope you are all well. I recently was offered a role in a TV production. However, due to me only having one showreel, the production company stated that they would make a showreel for me which would then be shown to the casting director to decide on my role. That will cost me £195. I’m fairly new to the industry, so I want to know if this kind of thing is normal or am I being scammed?

“Advice from you guys would be amazing, thank you.” —gossipgirlxoxo

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