Why Agents Drop Talent + How Not to Be One of Them

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Talent agents drop clients all the time. If you’re signed to a talent agency at some point you might receive an email like this:

Dear actor — Unfortunately, we are having to let go of models and talent that are not being requested by clients, going out but not booking, or not actively involved and/or updating their marketing materials/stats. You fall under one of these categories.

Don’t let this happen to you. Obviously, you need to book the jobs your agents send you on or at the very least, get callbacks. But it’s also important to build a personal relationship with your agent so that when drop season comes along, it’s harder for them to drop you if they like and care about you, and have a vested interest in your career.

Here are six ways you can build a more personal relationship with your agent so you’re the kind of client he or she doesn’t want to drop.

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1. Update your agent every time you book something on your own. Agents like proactive actors who are working hard on their careers and not waiting for their agents to do everything. You should be submitting yourself on Backstage daily.

2. Stay on their radar! Send birthday cards, Valentine’s Day candy, cookies on the Fourth of July. Little gestures keep you front of mind throughout the year.

3. Follow your agent on Instagram and Facebook and take notice of the special things that happen in their lives. Congratulate them when their other clients are successful, if they win an award, or have a new baby. Show your agent you care about them outside of work.

4. Create your own content and be sure to let your agent know about it.

5. Send your agent new acting clips on a regular basis so they can see the depth of your talent and the different roles you can play.

6. Invite them to any theater performances or film festivals your work is screening at. Let your agent know you care about what they think of your work.

It's important to become more than just a face in a headshot—your agent has hundreds of those. If they get to know you as a person and if you take the time to keep them informed about your career, they'll develop more of a personal relationship with you, making it that much harder to drop you from their roster. If you’re not doing these things when drop season comes along right after pilot season, it’ll be very easy for them to drop you. The same goes with your manager.

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