Alexander Hamilton Has Advice for New Actors + More Industry News 10/6/17

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Photo Source: Joan Marcus

Harvey Weinstein becomes the next old, white guy in power to be accused of rampant sexual harassment.
Earlier this week, reports came in that the producer and studio executive has hired a cadre of high-powered lawyers in anticipation of soon-to-be-published stories from the New York Times and the New Yorker. On Thursday, the Times story went live, detailing decades of Weinstein’s misogyny and sexual harassment. (New York Times)

Alexander Hamilton has some advice for new actors.
Javier Muñoz, who currently plays the title character in Broadway’s “Hamilton,” had this to say about what acting newcomers should know: “I think it’s wise to have other interests. You’re not going to be on stage all the time. Other interests keep you inspired. They keep your mind working and they keep you engaged with other people. They are going to feed the artist that you are.” (New York Times)

In France, airbrushed or Photoshopped images legally have to be labeled.
A French law proposed in 2009 is now in effect: Anyone who published a photo that has been altered to “slim or flesh out” a model’s body without labeling will be subject to a €37,500 fine. This is paired with another new law (as of May 2017) that requires models to present a medical certificate from a doctor attesting to their health. (France24)

The Little Rock Nine have inspired a new opera.
On the 60th anniversary of the day nine African-American students “integrated Little Rock Central High School at bayonet-point, protected by the 101st Airborne Division from racist mobs and a defiant governor,” composer Tania León and librettist Thulani Davis have written an opera to commemorate the event and its politics.(New York Times)

Netflix is raising its prices.
In mid-October, the streaming giant will up its monthly prices on all but the most basic plan (which will stay at $7.99/month). The last time they upped their cost was two years ago in Oct. 2015. (The Verge)

Fired Stardust Diner employees will get their jobs back and avoid trial.
Days before a trial was set to begin, a settlement has been reached in the dispute between Ellen’s Stardust Diner and the forged labor union of its employees, Stardust Family United, that saw 31 singer-servers fired throughout the last year. (Backstage)

It’s official: fall TV is back in a big way.
Fall is now in full swing, Halloween is approaching, and the TV premieres just keep coming. Yes, the season is rolling on in October and that means you can sample new fare featuring the likes of Kyra Sedgwick and Jason Ritter. Or you can hunker down to check in on favorites like “Stranger Things” with Millie Bobby Brown and her pals. (Backstage)