All Is Almost Still

One Little Goat Theatre Company presents the world premiere of All Is Almost Still, written and directed by Adam Seelig, opening May 8th at The 78th Street Theatre Lab, Main Stage (236 W. 78th St). The three member cast features OBIE Award winner and four-time Vivian Robinson AUDELCO Award winner Arthur French. The production team includes members of Keen Company.

In the absurdist tradition of Beckett and Pinter, All Is Almost Still illuminates the struggle between banality and the quest for grand significance in everyday life. With rhythmic dialogue that at times is almost musical, playwright Adam Seelig tells the story of three characters: a painter, a wistful lackey, and their bedridden master. All three are denied names and identities, yet share a desire for passion, intimacy, and value.

What transpires is a radical re-interpretation of the biblical tale of Jacob, in which the playwright imposes the constraints of modern domesticity, bringing in traces of de-evolution through images of our own racist and classist history. And as time moves from one day to the next, what becomes of them? Have the three lives developed or regressed?

All Is Almost Still is an experience that challenges its audience, and characters, to take a closer look at their own daily existence. ONE LITTLE GOAT THEATRE COMPANY was recently founded in New York to spark the spirit of poetry in the theatre, with a commitment to realizing unconventional forms of expression in new and newly-interpreted dramatic works. In 2002-03 the company premiered three radio plays by the late Yehuda Amichai, Israel's preeminent modern poet, including New York performances at the 92nd Street Y, Museum of Jewish Heritage, JCC, and Asia Society, in addition to an encore performance at the University of Pennsylvania.