Why You Should Audition and Then Let Go of the Outcome

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Affirmation: “I work at my career because I love it, and I let go of the outcome.”

Obtaining a paid, sustaining acting career is difficult. Many times, one may consider throwing in the towel. An actor will get a thousand and one rejections. It can be draining, discouraging, and demotivating. But through all of this negativity, the actor who really wants to act, truly loves acting, is able to toss aside the byproducts as being what they really are: desire and unnecessary strife.

One who works (auditioning, training) and perseveres only to obtain a paycheck or in pursuit of fame will undoubtedly be unsuccessful. Only becoming mindful and true in our craft brings about success. Working through passion and creativity opens one up to receiving everything imaginable. Searching only for the gold at the end of the rainbow takes away experiencing the beauty of the rainbow, takes one out of the present moment and into an unknown future.

Letting go of the desired outcome, finding joy in the process, brings success that comes at exactly the right moment—a career filled with gifts that continue to come. Enjoying the ride, not just the destination, is key to a long-lived career. This affirmation can help an actor remain grounded and in the present while the successful actor is manifesting.

Lanaya Nilsson is an actor, a comedian, and a hypnotherapist. She is also the creator of Zenworkingactor.com, which helps actors achieve their most successful career possible through living mindfully.